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Innokin IClear 30

IClear 30This was the second tank that I bought, after the Viva Nova, as I really wanted to try a dual coil tank.

This tank came in a plastic box, with a clear lid, and the tank set in foam to keep it safe. The one got, did not come with any spare wicks which is a shame.

The tank is made of stainless steel, with a 510 connection at the bottom, so fits most types of batteries.

The stainless Steal bottom plate which holds the wick, has groves all imagearound the out side to make it easy to screw and unscrew from the plastic tank, which is a real plus, as gives you great grip, it has air slots on the bottom, I case it is flush mounted.

The plastic tank holds around 3ml of juice and is easy to fill from the top, as it has a nice wide gap all around the wick pillar.

imageThis tank uses the Innokin dual coil replaceable wicks, which are set as a cross one above each other, I have found these wicks realy easy to change, with the groves cut in at the bottom, which allow you to get in in realy tight.
On the top of the wick there is a small plastic cap, which has small slots cut out, to allow you to line it up correctly over the top wick.

The top cap comes with more of the groves cut into the outside, again imagewhich is great for easy grip when screwing and unscrewing. It is topped off, with an adjustable swivel drip tip, which allows you to tilt in any direction, to get a really comfortable position when vaping. I have been using this tank for about 2 months, and the drip tip is still nice and tight, and stays in the position you set.

This tank is really nice to vape on, with just the right amount of air flow when mounted on my Innokin Itaste SVD. It produces a great amount of vapor from the the dual coils, and has a realy smooth draw.

imageAll in all a nice well made tank, that is easy to maintain and look after, a great tank for someone looking to progress from the standard ecig tanks, and wanting to get more vapor and flavour from their juice.

Supplied by : http://www.smokeyjoes.biz

Venus In Vapes by Halcyon Haze

This juice as all juices from Halcyon Haze, came in a nice tube with the juice inside, with the Venus in Vapes logo on both the tube and on the 20 ml bottle. This packaging defiantly makes these juices stand out from the crowd, and have a real premium feel.

This juice was vaped on my Innokin SVD, in a fresh Smok Tech Dual Coil Carto, at a steady 9 watts.

I have left this juice to last to review, from the selection that the kind team at http://www.halcyonhaze.co.uk sent for me to review. Due to its complicated multi level flavour which I could decide on.

The juice is described on the halcyon haze website as follows:

A very powerful and distinct aniseed taste, blended with molasses and apple puree. Rich yellow custard and bourbon vanilla is added to make this a very devilish vape.

Medium throat hit, with good vapour production and a long lingering full flavour

On opening the bottle the aroma is a mild one, with maybe a hint of custard and vanilla coming through.

From reading the description I thought I would be vaping on a strong aniseed juice, but as you will see from this review,that was not the case.

On vaping you get the mellow flavour of Apple custard, combined with a rich vanilla, it’s only as the vapor moves across the tongue do you pick up the undertones of the aniseed. But it only feels like a hint sitting behind the other flavours.

I find this juice gives a good warm throat hit, full of flavour.

On exhale the flavour seems to some how reverse and you seem to get more of the mellow aniseed, combined with a smooth sweet custard, and a hint of vanilla, very moorish.

The flavours defiantly linger on the tongue.

None of the flavours on there own are overpowering, but in combination the give a realy nice full flavour. That grows on you the more you vape on in.

A nice well thought out juice, which is a pleasure to vape.

Strength : 18mg
Flavour : 9 /10
Throat Hit : 8.5 /10
Overall : 8.5 / 10
Supplied by : http://www.halcyonhaze.co.uk

Pear Drops by Deluxe Vapours

The juice made me smile when I opened my vape mail and came in a 10ml plastic bottle with a picture of a smiling pear on the front. And was supplied for review by the kind team at http://www.deluxevapours.co.uk in Wales.

On opening the bottle you get instant memories of childhood, sticking you nose into the small white paper bag full of sugar coated pear drops, some yellow some green. And that smell that you used to get, well that what this juice smells exactly the same as. Amazing.

This juice was vaped on my Innokin Itaste SVD, in a dual coil iClear 30, at 8.5 watts.

On vaping, and inhaling, what you could smell on opening the bottle, suddenly transfers to your taste buds, a sugary sweet, pear drop taste with a hint of lemon I think. All combining in a sweet mellow vape, don’t get me wrong it’s not a sickly sweet, more of a refreshing sweet.

It hits the back of the throat to give a medium throat hit, with more of the flavour of the pear drops coming through.

This is one of those simple flavours that leaves you licking your lips, and your mouth watering.

After each vape you are left with the taste sweet Pear Drops, in your mouth, just let you had been sucking a sweet.

A juice that is simple in taste, but very satisfying in flavour and brings back memories of childhood.

Strength : 18mg
Flavour : 9 /10
Throat Hit : 6 /10
Overall : 8 /10
Supplied by : http://www.deluxevapours.co.uk

Vanilla Custard by Deluxe Vapour

The ejuice come in a 10ml plastic bottle, with a picture of a bowl of Custard on the front, as was supplied from the team at Deluxe Vapours in Llanelli in Wales. UK

On opening the juice you get the instant smell of sweet creamy custard.

And on vaping and true to its name you get you get the taste of smooth creamy custard, followed by a hint of vanilla as it floats across to tongue. The vanilla is defiantly the secondary flavour and complements the custard well.

The real flavour of the custard seem to be on the exhale, through either the nose our mouth, a very smooth mellow flavour.

Not as strong as I thought it would be from the aroma you get from the bottle, just a nice and mellow vape,

The throat hit is mild, and fits well with the mellowness of the flavour.

This juice leaves a nice satisfying taste on the taste buds. And is very moorish to vape.

The harder you vape on the juice the more of the vanilla that you get coming through the taste.

Strength : 18mg
Flavour : 6 /10
Throat Hit : 5 /10
Overall : 6 /10
Supplied by : http://www.deluxevapours.co.uk

Cinnamon Hot Shots by Deluxe Vapours

This juice came in a 10ml bottle, with a picture of those cinnamon hot shot ball sweets on the front.

On opening the bottle you get the instant smell of cinnamon and aniseed. You just know this juice is not for the faint hearted. Any thing that has hot in the name.

I vaped this juice on my Innokin Itaste SVD in a fresh Smok Tech Dual Coil Carto at 9watts.

On vaping you get a instant taste explosion, of cinnamon and aniseed, one of the strongest tasting vapes I have ever tried, and blimey this juice has a kick in it.

Just like the cinnamon Hot Shot Sweets you had as a kid, you get a growing warmth from the juice. I would even say a peppery kick to it. Which some people could find a bit over powering.

As you take the vapor back, you get a massive throat hit, which is dry and lasting and full of flavour, you get more of the warming cinnamon flavour.

As with the sweets, the more you vape, the more warms comes through from the cinnamon.

This juice is definitely going to be marmite juice, you will either love it or not, and as with the sweets you find it quite moorish, as you keep going back for more of the fiery flavour,

On exhale you get tonnes of vapor, and more of the spicey heat. That sets your taste buds tingling.

Strength : 18mg
Flavour : 5 /10
Throat Hit : 10 /10
Overall : 6 /10
Supplied by : http://www.deluxevapours.co.uk

Sweet Prudence by Halcyon Haze

As with the other Halcyon Haze Juices, this juice bottle came delivered in its own little cardboard tube with a nice gold coloured cap. The tube is a rich brown colour with the Sweet Prodence logo on the front which depicts a fairy sitting on the moon.

The juice has been vaped on my Innokin SVD at 9 watts in a fresh Smok Tech Dual Coil Carto.

This Juice is described on the Halcyon Haze website as follows:

“Tangerine zest, acacia honey and French vanilla, mixed with a host of secret ingredients. This vape will rock your universe!  Smooth throat hit and a lingering sweet taste in the back of the palate.”

On opening this bottle you get a very mild sweet smell, which may well be coming from the acacia honey.

On the first vape on the juice, I had to double check, I was not getting a dry hit from my Innokin as I was unsure if I was getting a vapour back, which I was as I exhaled a massive plum of vapour.

This is due to mega smoothness of the vapour produced from this juice. Unlike some juice flavours like the Gin Addiction which  give you an instant taste sensation, this juice flavour has more of a velvet feel to it, if flavour can have a feel.

As you inhale,and the vapour moves to the back of you month you pick up the natural sweetness of the acacia honey, along with the smoothness of the French vanilla sitting behind it.  as I say no of the flavours are to overpowering, if anything I would have preferred possibly a stronger taste.

There is a very mild fruity feel to this juice, but I can’t put my finger on what excalty it is that make up the host of secret ingredients. Could be a rich sweet plum flavour, or maybe it is the flowery sweetness of the natural honey. I think this is one of those juices that will keep you guessing, the more you vape it the more you will find.

This Juice comes into its own, as it hits the back of your throat, you get the sweetness of the honey coming through which is then rounded out with subtle notes of smooth French vanilla combining to give a nice smooth throat hit.

On exhale you get the flavours seem to change place and you get more smooth vanilla with only a hint of the honey behind.

The lasting memory of this juice has to be its velvet smoothness, and how the flavours build on your palate. With a lasting sweetness.

Very pleasant  vape. With great vapour product.

Strenght : 18mg
Flavour : 7 /10
Throat Hit : 7 /10
Overall : 7 /10

Supplied by : www.halcyonhaze.co.uk

Brother Earth by Halcyon Haze

This ejuice arrived in one of the finest packages I have seem yet, the 20ml juice bottle came inside a very posh little tube, with a metal cap, top and bottom. The type that you get fine whiskey in, with the Halcyon Haze written above the memories are made of this logo at the top of the of the label and a image of a centaur playing a horn.

It is described on the Halcyon Haze website as follows:

Turkish tobacco flavor concentrate, which has been extracted using our special in-house triple filtration process. Lightly roasted chestnuts, burnt brown sugar and mixed spices. Dry and lasting throat hit, not for the faint hearted.

On opening this light tan coloured juice you get an instant aroma of rich smooth tobacco.

On vaping this juice on first inhale, you instantly get the taste of the silky smooth tobacco. Which drifts over your taste buds, a very pure rich tobacco taste. The richness of the tobacco is enhanced by the smoothness of the roasted chestnut flavour which seems to compliment this blend.

There is an underlying natural sweetness to this Tobacco, which you just seem to catch at the tip of your tongue, as you inhale the vapor, very satisfying to inhale.

As you draw back on the vapor, to the back of the throat, you then get the full flavour of this juice, the strong aromatic tobacco, combined with the moorish flavour of the fire roasted chestnuts. Combining in a very satisfying long lasting throat hit, with a lasting flavour.

On exhale you seem to get a smooth combination of the aromatic tobacco, with and lite undertone of spice, which leaves you with a mild satisfying tingle in the nose.

All you tobacco fans will love this full flavoured, moorish Ejuice, one of those juices which you find yourself going back for more.

Strength : 18mg
Flavour : 8 / 10
Throat Hit : 8 / 10
Overall : 8 / 10
Supplied by : http://www.halcyonhaze.co.uk

Gins Addiction by Halcyon Haze

This ejuice arrived in one of the finest packages I have seem yet, the 20ml juice bottle came inside a very posh little tube, with a metal cap, top and bottom. The type that you get fine whiskey in, with the Halcyon Haze written above the memories are made of this logo at the top of the of the label and a image of a fairy blowing some kind of dust under some grape leafs.

You then pop open the tube, removing the the metal cap to revile the juice bottle inside, which again is very well presented with the match label and image.

You just know this juice is going to be good, 10 out of 10 for product presentation.

The juice is described on the Halcyon Haze website as follows:

White Gin, natural blackcurrant, Absinthe, lemon, mint fusion and light menthol hit. Mellow throat hit, with a sweet vapour that leaves a tingling on your tongue.

Diluents: Propylene Glycol (USP/EP) 60%/ Vegetable Glycerin (USP/EP) 40%.

Nicotine: UK Pharmaceutical grade, made in the UK (USP/EP)

On opening the juice you get the aroma of naturally fresh lemon zest, not to strong, nice and mellow, very inviting to vape.

I vaped this fine juice in a fresh Smok Tech Dual Coil Carto, at 9 watts on my Innokin Itaste SVD.

On the inhale you get the very mild hint of lemon and fresh mint, which seems the develop in flavour in the month, you seem to get the natural black current come through as it travels across your tongue. In a very refreshing sensation,

As the vapor moves back in the month you get more of the smooth black current, and as it hits the throat you seem to get the full flavour come through in a sort of a taste collision at the back of the throat, black current, fresh lemon all held together with a rewarding level of menthol. Giving you a satisfying mellow throat hit. Like breathing in on a frosty morning.

On exhale you get more of the menthol and an aroma of fresh mint and a hint of the black current as it escapes through the nose.

The after taste in the month is a smooth fresh menthol that leaves the senses tingling, very interesting and complex vape.

It all seems to be held together with the smoothness and what it can only describe as a kind of natural warmth, from what I would imagine is the white Gin and Absinthe.

This is a very mellow vape, well mixed, and thought out, with none of the flavour overpowering another. All just working together to complement each other. And giving a fine vaping experience.

Amazing evening vape, very rewarding.

Strength : 18mg
Flavour : 9 / 10
Throat Hit : 9 / 10
Overall : 9 / 10

Supplied by : http://www.halcyonhaze.co.uk


I have been vaping this juice all day, on my Innokin SVD. In a fresh Smok Tech Carto at 9 watts.

This juice is described on the T-Juice Website as follows:

Red Astaire is a bold vape which is not for the faint hearted. The lush taste of red berries and black grape is stampeded by the verbose overtones of sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol in a flavour that will stay dancing on your tongue for a long time after you have exhaled. Launched at Vape Fest 2013.

On opening this blood red bottle of juice you instantly get a smell, as I would describe as the smell you get from Tunes Throat sweat, very fruity, with a level of menthol.

An vaping, the first flavour I get is that of menthol. As that fades you get the true flavour of the juice, a mix of red berries. If red was a flavour, this is what I think it would taste like.

This juices gives you a fresh menthol throat hit. With an after kick from a mild aniseed.

The flavour stays on the tongue for a nice length of time after the hit of menthol has faded.

On exhale you through the mouth you get more of the sweat berry flavour, where as, on exhale through the nose you get a secondary blast of Menthol and fresh eucalyptus. Really makes you feel awake.

This juice has been great to vape all day, feels fresh on every blast.

A very interesting combination of flavours, great mix.

Very satisfying vape. You defiantly know you are vaping on this one. And as it states on the website, not for the faint hearted.

Strength : 16mg
Flavour : 9 / 10
Throat Hit : 8 / 10
Overall : 9 / 10

Supplied by : http://www.t-juice.com